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What’s BoxIt?

Who is BoxIt?

Incorporated in 2011, BOXiT Holdings was formerly known as Pantopolium Associates Sdn Bhd, a consulting company specialising in Parcel Lockers. The Company’s founder and CEO thoroughly researched the concept of Parcel Lockers from its start. Pioneering this industry for almost a decade, Gregor Trawoger is an acknowledged expert and has participated in many Parcel Locker installations around the world. His expertise, insight and industry understanding has been crucial to the success of parcel locker systems throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

BOXiT breaks the barrier between the digital and physical world by integrating Parcel Lockers into the everyday habits of the end-consumer; enabling consumers and businesses to seamlessly handover goods in any given direction. It is therefore important to mention, that this is not restricted to using a certain carrier or a certain retailer. Any registered customer or business can have access to the system and enjoy the benefits of having its own ‘logistic-platform’ to build and rely on.

The Vision

The goals are set high and ambitious. BOXiT Holdings intends to become a truly Malaysian brand with international recognition. Being a responsible employer applying the latest method in the creation of workspace with a dynamic and dedicated team. This environment and our unique business model will enable us to become a dominating force in the express and courier sector in Malaysia. Providing only the highest quality of service to its consumers, BOXiT will create a whole new shopping experience. Convenience and consumer confidents in our system are key and there are no compromises to be made. We are penetrating an industry with numbers of players but no competition.

What is Parcel Locker?
What you need to know about Parcel Lockers

What is a Parcel Locker?

Parcel Lockers are machines with a flexible number of compartments of various sizes controlled by electronic locks that can be used as an alternative to mailboxes to allow consumers a safe and reliable way to receive packages.

Parcel Lockers are an ideal drop off solution for consumers that are working or are not always at home. The service allows you to collect your parcel deliveries at any time; 24-hours a day, 7-days a week at convenient and secure locations.

Simply put, a Parcel Locker is an array of electronically controlled compartments connected to a control unit. The control unit communicates with a centralised server via an internet connection to manage and monitor the system. When a parcel is delivered to a locker, the system will notify the recipient of the arrival via SMS and/or email and will give the required information for the pickup procedure. The recipient needs only head to the Parcel Locker to retrieve your item at your convenience.

With the growth of e-commerce, the demand for fast, efficient and safe delivery systems is on the rise. Today’s modern consumers continue to revolutionise their lifestyles in the pursuit of convenience and efficiency.
Decide when and where to collect your parcels, whenever is convenient for you. Parcel lockers are accessible on a 24/7 basis.
Cost Effective
Alleviates rising delivery costs for logistic companies resulting from fuel price hikes, which are eventually passed on to you as customers.
Secure & Private
Equipped with security cameras to monitor your lockers at all times and your information is safely recorded.
Trace & Track
You’ll receive a unique code via text or email allowing you to trace & track your parcel whenever and wherever you are.

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